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Complete Elbo Hollowing Tool

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176.00 Ounces

Complete Elbo Tool

includes: Elbo Tool, Laser Guide, 14" long -  3/4" round cutting arm and tool holder with 1/4" cutter.

IMPORTANT: Recommended for lathes with a minimum 33” between centers…shorter beds require the Elbo Lathe Extension

NOTE: The first video below is 5 years old. Updates not shown are the new Laser Guide and surface finish on the Elbo Tool. I will be updating the video soon. The second video introduces the new Laser Guide.

All of our products are warrantied to be free from defects or manufacturing issues for one year from the purchase date. However no matter how long you have had the tool if you have any mechanical issues please contact us through the ‘Contact’ page and we will work with you to correct the issue. Warranty does not cover abuse, neglect or ‘brain farts’.

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