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Woodturning with Tim Yoder

When I first started woodturning there were many turners who helped me out. I was amazed at how generous and open they were with their advice and techniques. Back in 2005 I had a chance to ‘pay it forward’ to my fellow woodturners. I worked for RSU-TV a small PBS station. I pitched the idea of producing and shooting a show about woodturning. What I did not know was that I would end up on the other end of the camera as the host. After 25 years behind the camera it was quite a learning experience to be talking TO  the camera. The kicker was that our first season was syndicated nationally and made available to every PBS station in the USA. Warts and all viewers got to see me teach woodturning while getting my legs on camera.
Woodturning Workshop with Tim Yoder ran for 4 seasons and 65 episodes. It still reruns on the PBS Create network to this day. After the Emmy awarded show was put on ‘hiatus’ by the station management, my director, photographer and now business partner Bryan Crain and I revived the show on YouTube. We have produced over 200 woodturning videos. With the support of you and our loyal sponsors we see nothing but great shavings ahead.
Tim Yoder Host/Producer
Tim Yoder is a nationally awarded television producer, photographer and editor. Tim has over 39 years of broadcast television experience and has been turning for over 20 years. He uses that combination of skills to bring a unique perspective and approach to teaching woodturning.
Bryan Crain Director/Photographer/Editor
Bryan has over 33 years of broadcast television experience and has had his work recognized on a national, regional and local level. He is a highly skilled videographer and graphic artist. He uses his talents to bring woodturning to life with high quality video and editing.