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Robust Box Rest for 20"-25" Lathes

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43.00 Ounces

20”…24”…25” Lathes          

Box Rest - Long Post 1" diameter 

Designed to work with 20, 24 or 25” lathes such as the Robust American Beauty, Powermatic 3520 or 4224, Oneway 24”, Vicmarc VL 300 from Craft Supplies USA, General 20”, Rikon 20”, Woodfast 20”

Designed to work with hollowing systems like the Elbo Tool the Box Rest provides support inside of a hollow form or turned box. For example by providing 5" of reach into a vessel a 12" tool overhang is changed to 7" dramatically reducing chatter and increasing control of the tool.

The Box Rests are offset so that you can turn the rim and the inside all in one set up.  A removable pin is provided to keep you from going off the edge.  Sizes to fit most lathes.  The rest is 1.5” wide and overhangs 5”

Please contact me directly if your lathe meets any of the below criteria

NOTE: Older American Made Powermatic 3520 and 4224 lathes use 1 1/8” posts.

EXCEPTIONS:  Some imports, notably the Grizzly 0766 and G0800 have very short banjos.  You will need to special order extra-long post toolrests to fit these lathes.  Please see “Toolrest Dimensions” to see if our rests will work. If you need extra-long posts, please see “Metrics and Specials”.

25MM POST WARNING: Certain Grizzly, Laguna and other imported lathes may use 25mm posts which are slightly smaller than 1”.  THESE WILL NOT WORK. PLEASE MEASURE YOUR POSTS BEFORE ORDERING. FYI: 25mm = .984”, and 1” = 25.4mm. 25mm posts are available special order.